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Because You Deserve The Very Best!

Your yachting holiday is the perfect time and place to relax, unwind and maximize your health and well-being. Why not make the most of your experience by tuning your yacht into a private health retreat and spa? Sounds difficult? You’d be surprised at just how easy it is…

Even if there is a crew member onboard who offers treatments, many yacht owners and charter guests prefer to have a professional therapist onboard. Guests soon realize that a crew member has many duties onboard and may not always be available to offer treatments when they wish.

Onboard spa services and massage therapies are the ultimate in luxury and by having a professional therapist travel with them, they have a dedicated professional who is there only for the owner’s or guest’s enjoyment. This allows guests to have treatments when and where they like, without affecting the on-going service or schedules of the interior crew members.

Finding a fantastic, professional therapist shouldn’t be a stress but sourcing outside “local” therapists with no references or knowledge of their experience, qualifications and levels of service, can be disastrous. Why risk putting your bodies and your health into the hands of someone you don’t know or someone you have hired just because they are “there and available”?

All of our therapists are hand-picked and trained by Charter Spa Services to ensure that you receive only the highest quality of treatments and levels of service. Our 18 years of experience and well-deserved reputation in the yachting industry guarantees this! Having a therapist on board for the extended trip is not only convenient, safe and discreet, but is cost-effective and ensures that guests receive the level of service they deserve.

With Charter Spa Services, guests can leave their troubles and busy lives behind and spend their days truly relaxing and indulging in an array of pampering, therapeutic treatments or can invigorate their minds and bodies with yoga or fitness instruction. They can immerse themselves in the pleasures of the yachting experience and travel in style and luxury, returning home feeling relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated….exactly what holidays are all about!

And best of all…we do it all for you, eliminating any stress and time-consuming research that may go along with trying to find a qualified and professional therapist.

For more information and for bookings, please call Heather Hawthorne on +1-352-552-8330 or email me at

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